Our experienced and technically equipped team of more than 250 employees create the apt value for your company. Below is the list of our domain skills and expertise:

Network Management Systems BSS and OSS
Storage Area Networks Switching and Routing
4 T Middleware-RFID, Smartcard, Biometrics, telematics Engineering and Embedded Systems
NGN and IPTV Contact Center Technologies
Network Security

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Programming Languages
C,C++, JAVA, VB, XML, WML, CGI, PERL, Java script, VB Script, PL/SQL, SMIL, OS/400, RPG and Assembly
ORB-II, ORACLE, SQL, Sybase, RAIMA and Access, PostGreSQL,MySQL
Operating Systems
Unix, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, OSF/1, Linux, Windows 9x/Me/2000, RTOS: VxWorks, CDOS & CSOS - C-DOT Proprietary, DSC, Proprietary and CTRON, AS/400, RS/6000, WinCE, Itron, Bertha
Network Management Platforms
HP-Open View, TeMIP, SMS
Distributed Platforms
CORBA, DCOM, DCE, Component Back plane, RMI, EJB
GUI Platforms
MFC, Neuron Data, iLog Views/Vision, Motif, Developer-2000, Swing, 3D GUI
Software Engineering Tools
Jtest, OptimizeIt, Insure++, Code Wizard, Rational Rose, Rogue Wave, Visual Source safe, Visio, CVS, Purify, Visual test, Visual Studio, Soft Bench, Sun Workshop, Project, Rational Quantify, Coverage, Purify and Robot.Jtest, OptimiseIT, Clearcase, ClearQuest
Web Technologies
J2EE, EJB, Java, Servlets, JDBC, JDK1.2, Java Swing, RMI, JSP, Java Sockets, JavaScript, HTML, Web Logic, Web Sphere, IIS server, Apache, JBOSS
Front Page, Crystal Reports, Macromedia Flash, NetChart,Jasper,Jtest,Remedy, Jreport, Jclass Server Report
Technology, Domain,
RFID, ATM, STM, IP, IPSec, IPQoS, DiffServ, VoIP, EJB, SNMP, CORBA, COM/DCOM, DAVIC, MPEG, Pivx, JPEG 2000,Customer Care, Billing, Business Applications (Finance,Health Care, Banking and Security),E-learning,B-2-B, SCM,VOD,SFA,SLA, Network Design Tool and so on

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