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SmartFlo is an intelligent framework developed by Network Programs for easy deployment of 4T technology in enterprises. It has a user-friendly interface that does not require programming expertise in order to define or modify workflow.

RFID and SmartCard technology can provide visibility into operations that were previously inaccessible because of limitations to bar code and other data collection technologies. Organizations can take advantage of the ability to track items in more places, without human intervention, to create new features and custom applications. Biometric systems offer innovative validation solutions based on personalized human characteristics including facial recognition, fingerprints and iris scans. Telematics technologies play an increasingly important roll of "networking" vehicles and connecting them to multiple products and services -- both inside and outside the vehicle. Smartflo brings these technologies together for rapid deployment and flexible management
View Smart Card/RFID Technology Application Areas diagram

SmartFlo Product Definition
a 4 Technology Mediation System
a Workflow Engine
and a domain specific hybrid product
SmartFlo Features
Plug-in Facility Automatic Flow of Data
Centralized Monitoring and Control Multiple Device Support
Adaptability Status Monitoring
Client Server Architecture HTTP Based Communication
Graphical User Interface    

SmartFlo Benefits
SmartFlo provide a wireless link between products and information management systems
Managers gain the ability to make better decisions based upon complete and up-to-date information which is available remotely in a complete 24x7 regime
SmartFlo is a reliable, cost-effective, and informative solution; it eliminates the need of manual sorting, recording and checking
SmartFlo demonstrate how your business can run more efficiently. It provides the ideal solution that suits your operational goals, increases productivity, and improves the ability to respond to the marketplace demand

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