When telecoms liberalised in the ninties we were there by providing cutting edge CLEC and DSL services...

When the internet boomed and IP emerged...we were there providing advanced VoIP, IPTV solutions...

Now when covergence throngs the market...we are there with leading edge solutions such as EoIP, mobile video and streaming, next generation network 4T-Smartcards, RFID, Telematics and Biometrics solutions, Storage Area Networks, digital content management !

With our extensive domain expertise in telecom and datacom, we offer next generation solutions and cost-effective services that enable our clients to fully exploit opportunities presented by the convergence tsunami. Our telecom and datacom software solutions and services cover the traditional layers of network from switching to applicatuions...but we also push the edge of innovation.

Our services include:
Switching and routing protocols
Network management
Operational support systems (OSS)
Business support systems (BSS)
System integration
Contact Center Technology
Next generation networks
4T-Smartcards, RFID, Telematics and Biometrics
Enterprise over IP (EoIP)
Digital Video streaming

Contact Technologies (CTEC) group:

Our Contact Technologies (CTEC) group provides a full range of services to call centres and BPOs -- both  large and small, internal and external, outbound and inbound. CTEC has deep industry experience with telecommunications service providers, proving telco-specific contact centre products and services.


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