The health care industry uses a wide range of electronic devises that are used for different purposes, from diagnostics to surgical support systems. To date, the outsourcing of development of medical electronics remains a fairly small market-but the market is adapting to the changes taking place. Network Programs sees more companies looking offshore for other aspects of the medical industry (pharma R&D and production) and more companies look to develop vertical solutions. These solutions will include an embedded systems play. Our research indicates that much of the medical electronics market remains focused in North America, with a large proportion of companies headquartered in the west or east coast regions of the United States, with smaller pockets located in Canada, Europe and Asia.,

Our Contact Technologies (CTEC) group provides a full range of services to call centres and BPOs -- large and small, internal and external, outbound and inbound. CTEC products and services that focus on Healthcare: Healthcare providers require significant customer interaction centres to manage appointments, staff and vendors.



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