Electronic devises are everywhere, from our alarm clocks up to seemingly magical advances in medical devices. The complexity and diversity of this rapidly growing industry requires specialized knowledge that combines design services, and software applications. The semiconductor segment along represents a US$200B+ market, with major sub-segments including ASIC chip design and ASSP segment, with represents about 10% and 25% of the worldwide design services market, respectively. from embedded design through applications we realize the value of focus. Network Programs has a dedicated team of 100 professionals who understand the electronics industry – with knowledgeable teams organized around industry solutions.

Our services
Communications Electronics: Based on our expertise in the telecommunications domain, we have developed numerous solutions for switching devices, routing devices and a number of hosts
Semiconductor Design: Our design services include front-end system designing, front-end RTL design and complete system on chip (SOC) integration, testing and verification.
Embedded Services: We have developed many software products for various customer specific hardware boards
FPGA Product Flow: Our expertise include board level design for FPGA and FPGA-based products and product flow for VLSI product
Automotive Electronics: Ranging from infomatic to wireless devices, we develop innovative devices and electronics used in transportation and automotive solutions.
Consumer Electronics: Our team has deep experience working with a broad range on consumer devices such as smart cards, RFID etc


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