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We provide an array of software services including research and development, design, applications development, testing, maintenance and system integration. With 15+ years experience, our teams focus on solutions for network management , business and operations support systems and switching technology . With extensive experience in cutting-edge convergence technologies -- wireline, wireless and broadband, and Internet infrastructure -- our solutions include software for internet television (IPTV), radio frequency identification (RFID), smart cards and biometric systems.
Our Business and Operating Support Systems (B&OSS) team has a decade of global experience in delivering operation support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) for leading telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, enterprises and system integrators. B&OSS undertakes the design, development, implementation and maintenance of these systems that form the backbone of every operation, with end-to-end expertise in OSS, BSS, customer relationship management (CRM), billing, mediation, ordering, trouble ticketing, service activation, provisioning, maintenance, network creation, security and regulatory compliance.
Our Network Management Systems Excellence Centre (NMS ) clients include equipment providers, telecom service providers and enterprises. Our services include element, network and service management and IPTV solutions. We develop innovative technologies for IPV4, IPV6, multiprotocol and convergence networks. Our project experience includes quality of service, service definition, creation and management across multi-vendor multi-technology networks. Our solutions work on Windows/XP, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and we have extensively supported standards development at international organizations and facilitated product commercialization based on emerging standards in the convergence space.
We provide end-to-end productization solutions combining hardware, software, product development, verification and implementation. Our domain knowledge and expertise in datacom, telecom, and embedded systems enables us to provide services in all layers of a typical real-time system that includes the entire development from the design to verification of FPGA and ASIC, RTOS, BSP, kernel, protocol stacks, codecs, device drivers, etc. Other than above in totality, the expertise areas of this division are switching softwares, signaling protocols, TCP-IP, IPv4/v6, IPSec, IPQoS, VoIP, H.323 , RTP, SIP, SS7, 3G, ATM, Switch & Device configuration, Call Processing, Traffic Management, Automatic Protection, PNNI, DVB, BroadBand Router, OS Internals, Security domain etc.

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