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We face revolutionary changes in the rapidly and ever spreading area of mobile, multimedia communications and the Internet. The new technologies and methods are built heavily on communication protocols and software.

Network Programs empowers communications equipment manufacturers and service providers to rapidly deliver next generation IP applications through it's set of switching based solutions, routing and switching expertise.

Our broad skills in the area help in integrating embedded operating systems, network processors, traffic engineering and quality of service required in telecommunication networks.

Our expertise in switching technology enables equipment vendors, service providers, and telecommunications and enterprise companies to rapidly build and provision a broad range of value-added IP services around our core routing and switching software technology.

Areas of Expertise:
ATM protocol (UNI, SAAL, ATM layer)
Real-time OS - VxWorks, PSoS, CTRON, ITRON, RT-Linux
IP (IPV4, IPV6, Diffserv, MPLS, RSVP, H.323…)
TRON for ubiquitous and Embedded technologies
H245, Q931, RAS , RTP, RTCP etc
Testing (component, integration and system) of switching systems
SS7 stack development, TCAP, INAP, ISUP
Protocol stack development
OAM for PSTN as well as enterprise networks (TMN, SNMP)
Expertise in Linux Kernel Programming, Linux Internals, Linux-Apache
Switching systems architecture (Narrowband and Broadband) 3G, GPRS, UMTS
Embedded Systems Development    
Our switching expertise in the communications applications include :
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Virtual private networking (VPN)
Wireless and mobile networking
Performance and conformance testers
New enterprise network solutions
Our Service Areas :
Product development in IP convergence area
 Broadband competency development which is constantly aware of technology developments in switching/routing protocols and related area
 Providing customer centric, scalable and flexible solutions in the competency areas
Mature development processes, which are required for managing large-scale software development with globally dispersed teams
Broad Band and Narrow Band
Switching based projects Project consulting and management
Product Offerings :
Based on IETF Standard DiffServ, Network programs has developed NetPacer, a QoS product for ISPs, corporate segments & institutes. It manages IP traffic and creates a single multi service network that caters to various applications with different characteristics and priorities
Network Programs has successfully developed the VoIP based end-to-end solution.



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