Our Reusable Product Components

Our years of technology experience across various industrial domains have enabled us to develop a number of reusable components to facilitate rapid development of like-products. A few of these products are listed below:
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NetDSL: OSS for DSL Providers
Customer care solution for DSL telecom service providers
End-to-end order entry and provisioning
Scalability to support small start-ups as well as large, growing subscriber bases

NetE-OSS: OSS for Wireline & Data Networks
Complete customer care solution for telecom service providers
Reduction in contact center costs
Electronic bill presentation (e-bill)
Increased customer acquisition and retention

QoS Management System
Acquire new customers
Offer value-add services to customers
Differentiate service offerings
Maintain contracted network parameters
  QoS Management presentation

SLA Management System
Tool for monitoring networks at segment and node level
Customer can monitor own services with native language support
SLA violations reported online to customers via the internet
SLA violations reports and graphs are provided to customer

3G Service Enabler
Content development
Fault management
Billing for 3G wireless networks

NetWhisper: Voice over IP
VoIP terminal application for enterprise telephony
Improves communication with customers
Increases productivity through streamlined business processes
Optimization of existing communications and infrastructure

Accel Frontline