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Our Network Management Service (NMS) division is engaged in the creation and sustenance of a 'global interconnected world' by providing expertise in:

Flow through service action adapters
Network design tool
NMS and system integration technology
Harmonic object technology to make heterogeneous devices and platforms to collaborate with each other
Network Programs brings the experience of having developed NMS platforms for leading telecom equipment vendors, telecommunications companies, independent software vendors, systems integrators with a proven track record of successfully deploying NMS/EMS platforms for global clients.

We map the business requirements to solution features and help deploy the solution in minimum possible time frame. Our practice includes end-to-end services in the areas of managing faults, analyzing performance, and configuring telecommunication networks for service providers and large utilities across the globe.

NMS technologies:
Manage ATM network and path setup
Video Servers & Set top box
Video servers and set top boxes for DAVIC compliant broadband network
Manage the transmission elements
Wireless local loop (WLL)
Multi-service access point
NMS domain skills :
Management Protocols
TL1, SNMP, CMIP, proprietary
Optical (DWDM), broadband (SONET/SDH, ATM), access (xDSL), enterprise (Routers/Hubs), MPLS,
Operating System (OS)
Solaris, HP UX, Windows, Linux
Programming Languages
VC++, C++, C, Java/RMI, Javascript, ASP/HTML
Web Technologies IIS, Apache, XML
Test Tools/ Test Scripts Visual Test

Network Programs expertise in network management and service management provides a fast and efficient way to manage and troubleshoot network through visualization, discovery, fault, and diagnostic capabilities for identifying problems before they impact the network services.

Network management capabilities:
Enterprise Management System
 Alarm Correlation
 Element Access Module
Service management capabilities:
Clients of service
Service Level agreement
Management and services spectrum:
Element/network management system development for FCAPS management
Implement RMON for managing network. Build element managers for telecommunication equipment such as the digital cross connect systems, digital loop carriers, and xDSL access concentrators.
Develop EMS/NMS systems for managing ATM switches, DSLAMs, access devices
Providing service management system that provides end-to-end connection and network management solution for broadband products Develop agents on the network elements
Integrate network management solutions for applications, services and devices
NMS architecture- MIB, Mirrored MIB, distributed
Execute network management for broadband and optical technology domain
Provide complete management solution for the access network based on the client's network elements. The development includes service management and network management applications

RFID & SAN Management Capabilities
View our capabilities in 4T technologies (RFID, Smartcards, Telematics and Biometrics) and Storage Area Network (SAN) management...


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