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The key contributing factors to an organisation’s success (or to say at least survival) in the existing times undoubtedly depends on its capability to manage relationships with existing and prospective customers. Stiff competition demands customer focused business strategies which inturn leads to customers seeking access to organisations services 24x7.
In today’s era, for all customer interactive services, consumers demand that their service providers support consistent, unified customer interactions across multiple communication channels, including voice, personal interaction, fax, web based e-mail, web etc. The need to increase profitability for each customer and optimising cost per customer interaction has created urgent requirement for effective contact center solutions. During customer interactions, it is possible to combine known customer information with data gathered through Automated Voice Response or human agent response. This confluence of information forms the basis for an enterprise to accumulate in-depth understanding of its business relationship with the customer. A successful contact center solution demands the integration of all types of customer interactions with enterprise wide business systems and various departments.

NetRelations Contact center solution provides unified Customer Interaction Mechanism and gathers the information pertaining to customer interactions in a meaningful way with a smoothly and tightly integrated front office call center applications and back office business systems.

NetRelations is a flagship product of Network Programs, which combines the power of telecommunications with enterprise database systems to deliver powerful call control capabilities to enterprises. They could be BPO operations, workgroups, helpdesks, telemarketing call centers and service providers.
NetRelations conceptual overview View NetRelations conceptual overview for Telcos Environment...

NetRelations Benefits:
Optimize return on investment in telecommunications, Internet and data networking
Automatic identification, tracking and management of incoming and outgoing call throughout the life cycle transaction
Manage customer relations over voice, web, email, fax and internet telephony (VoIP)
A powerful CTI applications server running on the Windows NT platform
An object oriented graphical tool for rapid application development & quick response to changing requirements
A graphical desktop interface for easy information management Integrated inbound/outbound call center application modules that are configured or can be customized
A full fledged interactive voice response unit
World Wide Web connectivity to provide direct links from the web to your call center

NetRelations strives to provide the following:
Unified Access Mechanism: Manages customer contacts from a variety of media and communication channels.
Unified Customer View: Manages customer information & behaviour respective to various products and services
Unified Information View: Integrates information from enterprise-wide database supporting customer interactions
Unified Agent View: Routes customer to appropriate resources based on predefined rules and broadcast the real time status of available resources to other applications
Unified MIS & Reporting: Collate performance reports and makes available for evaluating enterprise wide business performance indicatorsments

NetRelations core components:
NetRelations contact center platform is based on open, scalable and modular architecture providing the following core components to address end to end contact center solution segment.
NetRelations IVRS (hyperlink to IVRS brochure) Standalone Outbound Dialer
NetRelations ACD Middleware Knowledge base
Voicelogger Multi tier role based security mechanism
Screen PoP to present caller Profile MIS Reports Generator for cradle to grave reports
SoftPhone Middleware database for call data recording
Voice, fax, based channel interaction management

NetRelations advanced components:
Preview/ Progressive dialer Web Chat Module
Automatic pop-up alerts on profile and usage patterns Web Callback Module
Dynamic Document generator ( e.g. Duplicate bill generation) Collaborative Browsing Module
Scripting Alarm Management
Multimedia Interaction channel support ( i.e. Voice, Fax, Email, Web, SMS) Text to Speech and natural Language speech recognition

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