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The Internet connection has become a critical resource for businesses. Slow download of information by users, sluggish email transfer or poor quality transfer of streaming applications has seriously impacted business performance and has dented user satisfaction. This makes bandwidth management a critical factor.

We bring to you an IPQoS solution and bandwidth management solution in the form of NetPacer - that manages and optimizes bandwidth usage. NetPacer uses Differentiated Services (DiffServ or DS), which is an IETF, specified Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism that handles traffic flows in one or more networks.

NetPacer allows service providers, enterprises to make optimum use of the Internet. It enables an organization to set different Internet access priorities for different categories of its employees. It prioritizes the IP traffic coming from various users depending upon the policies set by the system administrator.

NetPacer is meant for enterprise users and ISPs who want to prioritize traffic based upon different criteria e.g. source/ destination IP address, source/ destination port, protocol etc. It can also provide preferential access to UDP traffic and RTP traffic to ensure that voice or video traffic is assigned the highest priority. It can also prioritize various mission critical applications like SAP, BAAN etc. NetPacer can also act as a bandwidth splitter for enterprise and ISPs.

NetPacer Features:
Two level of hierarchical link management: Each subscriber can manage the allocated bandwidth further by limiting it on the basis of their internal traffic demands. The first level is called ‘profile’ and second level is termed as ‘Sub Profile’
Fixed and shared bandwidth at profiles and sub profiles level
Bandwidth control for both incoming and outgoing traffics
LDAP based policy repository: Uses LDAP based policy repository so that there are no complex database issues and even a remote machine can be used to store policies
Enable/Disable Profile: A profile can be made to disabled/blocked all the traffic if the administrator is not interested in catering to that client
Burst management
Can be placed into the existing network without any overhead involved
Time based policies
Granularity up to per minute to daily, weekly as specified
Remote Management/Monitoring for Administrator
Service Level Agreement: NetPacer manages and enforces SLAs (Service Level Agreement) for bandwidth, delay, and packet loss by customer and application
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Parameters: Latency, Round trip delay, Packet Loss, Link availability is the parameters to be measured.

NetPacer Plug and Play solution:
It can be easily plugged into the existing network architecture. It does not require any change in the network architecture.
SNMP enabled remote configuration and monitoring
24X7 availability VoIP, Video prioritization to ensure good quality of VoIP and Video
Prioritization policies for Applications, users etc Web based user friendly GUI

NetPacer System Requirements:
Hardware :P-III 500MHz or above, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD, 2 Ethernet ports (10/100 Mb/s)
Software: Red Hat Linux 7.2/8.0
GUI: Java Plugin 1.4 or above

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