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Network Programs has 10+ years of global experience in delivering Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) for leading telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, enterprises and system integrators. Network Programs undertakes the design, development, implementation and maintenance of these systems that form the backbone of every telecom operation.

Our dedicated team has end-to-end expertise in OSS, BSS, CRM, billing, mediation, ordering, trouble ticketing, service activation, provisioning, maintenance, network creation and security to meeting regulatory requirements.
Besides managing integration for OSS services Network Programs offers workflow enabled enterprise application integration framework ‘Netflo’, a business process automation tool to reduce time-to-market for service provider firms

Areas of Expertise:
Customer care
Process consulting & realization
Billing and billing mediation (wire line, wireless, DSL)
3G OSS , 3G Billing and wireless applications
IP billing
OSS Integration ( wire line, wireless, DSL)
SS7 - traffic analysis and reporting applications
Enterprise application integration
SS7 Business intelligence applications-Optimization, Fraud detections, Billing verifications, Revenue assurance, QOS and SLA etc.
Also we have successfully implemented many key projects in the following domain
B2B Integration
Supply Chain - Portals
Areas of Expertise:
J2EE, Java, J2ME
Programming Languages: VC++, C++, Java, J2EE, J2ME, JTAPI, RMI, EJB; VB,ASP, HTML, XML
Client-server (n-tier)
ODBMS/RDBMS: Data modeling, Warehousing, Performance tuning. Oracle8i/9i, ObjectStore, Application Server, MTS, SQL,DBA
Oracle Platform
OS: Windows NT, Solaris, HP-Unix
Distributed Computing (CORBA, Com/Dcom)
Middleware: CORBA - Visibroker, Orbix, Com/DCOM, EJB- Weblogic,JBOSS, Websphere
Microsoft Technologies
Web Technologies: XML, IIS, Apache, JBOSS, Webshpere, Weblogic,SOAP, Struts, Cocoon
IBM AS 400
Tools/Test Tools: Rational Rose, Visio, Visual Test, Rational Robot, Purify, Quantify, Code coverage
Emphasis on Open Source technologies expertise
Skills on need basis - Oracle 11i, .Net, Clarify, Siebel
BSS and OSS Solution offerings: Network Programs has developed following solutions specifically for the OSS / BSS space-
NetFlo - An Enterprise Application integration (EAI) platform and business process automation tool
 NetDSL - A complete Customer Care package for DSL service providers
 Net-e-OSS- A complete solution Customer Care, Order management for Wire line and Wireless



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