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Our Business and Operations Support Systems (B&OSS) team has a decade of global experience in designing, development, implementation and maintenance of operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) for leading telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, and system integrators. Our Network Management System (NMS) team provides services such as element, network and service management and IPTV solutions.(Read more…)
In the embedded space, we provide end-to-end productization solutions combining hardware, software, product development, verification and implementation. We develop software solutions for real-time operation systems (RTOS), kernels, protocol stacks, codecs, device drivers, etc. We also provide hardware development support for board support packages (BSP), field programmable gate-arrays (FPGA), and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) services for used in semiconductors. (Read more…)
Contact Center Solutions   Onsite Technical Resourcing
Our Contact Technologies Excellence Center (CTEC) has extensive experience and expertise in providing end-to-end customer integration management. Our portfolio consists of interactive voice response systems (IVRS), dialers, loggers, automatic call distribution (ACD) middleware, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, workforce management and custom built applications for industries like telecommunications,banking financial services and insurance, transportation, utilities and healthcare. (Read more…)
  Our onsite resourcing team provides IT resourcing service to the US and Japanese markets. We work directly with our customers to provide flexible IT staffing services -- recruiting, long-term placements, and consulting services. Our team matches your staffing requirements with the right skills, domain experience and language abilities to provide you with the right technical resources when and where you need it.(Read more…)
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